What to expect:

This post is for anyone considering booking me for the first time. It contains important points and what to expect when booking me.

  • To avoid wasting anyone's time, I am NOT a Greek provider. I use condoms.
  • My contact number is for booking only, not to try and sell myself or answer questions about services. That is why I have created this lovely site.
  • I DO NOT send pics.
  • Feel free to send an email if you have a question that I have not answered on my site.
  • Check rates before contacting me, information online is up to date.
  • As always DO NOT discuss money with me! I will terminate.
  • A $100 Cancellation/ Termination may apply.


  • "Are you available?" is not an acceptable opening when making a first time appointment. I have no idea who's calling, where they are located. Duh,  just don't be that guy.
  • For faster and smoother service include your booking information when making contact for the first time. When a new client reaches out to me the first thing I am interested in is their booking information. This is the required information escorts use to determine if a client is safe or not, LE, or psycho.This information is strictly confidential between you and I and will be destroyed after screening. Some people feel like as an escort what do I need to know that for. Understand that this is a two way street and if you do not feel comfortable sharing your information with me, then I do not feel comfortable opening myself up to you in the most intimate of ways. 
  • Now focusing on the mature hobbiest out there who thoroughly fill out booking forms and do whats necessary to put their provider at ease so she can return the favor, THANK YOU! My requirements to meet for the first time are:
  1. Where did you find my contact? - Include a link to the ad that you found me, or be able to tell me the exact name.
  2. Two Provider References-Be sure to include a link to the providers ad. If you do not have references from an established provider that is able to respond when she is asked about you, be prepared to jump through hoops. If you DO NOT have provider references give THOROUGH employment information. A newbie with no provider references and vague employment is simply too high risk and can NOT expect to be seen.
  3. Your full name -as it is on your drivers license. I will check ID upon meeting.
  4. Your exact age
  5. Your email address
  6. Telephone number - This is used for verification so VoIP or burner phones will not work. Using a throw away number could cause your date request to be thrown away.

  7. OCCUPATION-  When you want to be seen priority, it is best to be thorough in this area. Include occupation, title, a link to company website, business phone. check stubs and business card. I know this can make some men nervous. If your information is easily VERIFIABLE there is no need to contact the employer.  This keeps me safe and only around the finest of gentlemen. Vague descriptions such as "Management" or "Sales" do little to help with verification. so go in depth, have references, or other concrete means of verification if you answer as such.
  8. Handles - Handles from forums where you have written reviews can be helpful in screening.
  9. Secondary means of verification can be a selfie, detailed information about yourself, social media, and what ever other information you think will be helpful in determining you are a safe person to meet. Helpful if you are lacking strong verification in other areas.

    • After you let me know who you are, and have reserved our date, feel free to make any special request you may have. It delights me very much to hear from you.  I wonder what you will be like, imagine you in my mind and look forwarding to meeting you. I experience the best part of Eros regularly,  Mmmm such a rush! Let's make plans and then manifest our reality.

    Before I arrive

    • Leave gift in open sight inside a marked envelope.
    • I may arrive late. Do not worry.
    • Do not call or text me and ask me where I am at repeatedly.

    The Appointment

    • "It's ME or its FREE!" Guarantee- When you book Penelope Wet you never have to worry about the frustration of bait and switch or inaccurate pictures. "It's me, or it's free!" is my good faith promise to you that my pics are real. In fact quite often people tell me I am prettier in person!
    • Do NOT ask me how much $. This question will cause me to cancel the entire date.
    • You can expect to have my undivided attention and for your desires to be treated as a priority.
    • Our time will not be rushed. We can allow things to happen naturally.
    • I must be treated gently and with respect at all times.
    • DO NOT pinch or bite, or bite my breast or any other part of me.
    • Love pats on my booty are wonderful and I glee at getting my hair pulled.
    • Don't stop till you get enough, MSOG!

    • Most clients tip. It is the best way of letting me know you enjoyed yourself.

    I appreciate you reading this blog, by doing so you have invested in us having a more satisfying time together.  Here's to happier and healthier sexual wellness! Sincerely  Yours- Pen