Diary of New Orleans well loved escort model Penelope

To someone special

Dear Capt.

Because the time we spend together is awesome. Because I love the way you make me feel. Because you want this pussy and I like cuming for you. I'm going to tell you what I like and what I want, what turns me on and what I want you to do to me.

I want you to stick your tongue inside my pussy hole. No hands, lick the inside of my pussy as best you can. I want to watch you eat your praline candy as slowly as you can. Do that and we will have sweetened condensed milk coming right up.

After I come for you, I want you to climb up and kiss me. I hope you are hard for me from the thrill of it all. When your penis is hard it's like a big andouille sausage. If your penis is hard I get a little bit wetter; If it's not, I have to work a little more harder. I want to feel that big hard meat inside my hot juicy pussy.

I look forward to bringing in the new year with YOU.

Seasons Greetings, Penelope

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The Boyfriend Experience

This dear punter was proper in his approach, booking me wide in advance. He carried himself with tact, and made a great first impression. He proved to be dependable and consistent; attributes women find simply irresistible.

My client told me he was scheduling our appointment around the saints game. So of course I had to go all out with the eye grease and saints get up. He was tickled. I made such an impression on him that he asked me out to dinner after our session. Then he came back again the next day, and that session was even better than the first one. We definitely take the girlfriend part of the experience literally. We had a sensational time! I asked him, what about the saints game you were supposed to go to? He said he wasn't worried about it anymore. I think it is so comical that I beat out the saints.

I treated him just as I would my boyfriend.  He loved our long drawn out make out session, where I rubbed my juicy pussy all over his hot body, grinding on his thigh, arm, and anything else he put between my legs. He smothered me with kisses. After I came up to breathe from all the kisses he gave me more, like get back on that kissing.

My pussy kept getting wetter and wetter so I sat on his face so he could drink me til I came. I liked locking eyes with him while my throbbing clitoris was pressed against his tongue. It sent me to the moon. I laid back, still on top of him, and nestled his penis between my neck and shoulder. He asked me if I went to escort school. I opened my legs up wide, to get my a** hole and…

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Young Lovin

    Wow! I am really enjoying these longer sessions that last up to 3 hours. The experience I had last night made me sleep in a little longer this morning so I could relive it in my mind.

    A week ago a young man in his early 20's booked me through my website. I decline a lot of bookings from young guys, if the booking info is incomplete or last minute.  Well this fella really set himself apart by booking in advance,and thoroughly filling out the contact form. Even though he didn't have provider references he used his drivers license #, job info and facebook to VERIFY. VERIFICATION is super important! His understanding of that communicated to me level of maturity, that gave me the confidence to see him.

    Things continued to be awesome when we met. Young Lovin was a gracious host and had everything in order when I arrived. There was attraction from the start but we allowed ourselves time to talk and exchange interest. His lean sexy physique and chill personality made me want to take my clothes off.

    We went in the next room, and I excused myself to the restroom where I changed into something that was just too sexy to wear in the elevator, lobby, etc. I put on one of my best colors RED, and I came out looking devastatingly provocative. To my scrumptious surprise he had made himself comfortable on the bed and was wearing only a pair of snug RED briefs. Our vibrations were resonating on so many levels! I knew it was going to be longgg gratifying night. His eyes twinkled with elation as I snuggled up next to him on the bed.

   In our communications Young Lovin expressed a desire that I leave my love tunnel au

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What to expect:

This post is for anyone considering booking me for the first time. It contains important points and what to expect when booking me.

  • To avoid wasting anyone's time, I am NOT a Greek provider. I use condoms.
  • My contact number is for booking only, not to try and sell myself or answer questions about services. That is why I have created this lovely site.
  • I DO NOT send pics.
  • Feel free to send an email if you have a question that I have not answered on my site.
  • Check rates before contacting me, information online is up to date.
  • As always DO NOT discuss money with me! I will terminate.
  • A $100 Cancellation/ Termination may apply.


  • "Are you available?" is not an acceptable opening when making a first time appointment. I have no idea who's calling, where they are located. Duh,  just don't be that guy.
  • For faster and smoother service include your booking information when making contact for the first time. When a new client reaches out to me the first thing I am interested in is their booking information. This is the required information escorts use to determine if a client is safe or not, LE, or psycho.This information is strictly confidential between you and I and will be destroyed after screening. Some people feel like as an escort what do I need to know that for. Understand that this is a two way street and if you do not feel comfortable sharing your information with me, then I do not feel comfortable opening myself up to you in the most intimate of ways. 
  • Now focusing on the mature hobbiest out there who thoroughly fill out booking forms and do whats necessary to put their…
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